On my own domain! / Na mojej wlasnej domenie!

I am super pleased to inform you that I have just moved to my new blogsite and will soon operate under my own domain!

By this note I am stopping writing in here (on my blogspot), although I am leaving it open for anyone who'd like to check up on my past writing craft :)

Visit me now on:

See you there!


Jest mi niezmiernie przyjemnie poinformowac was, ze wlasnie przenioslam sie na moja nowa strone, ktora juz niedlugo bedzie funkcjonowac pod moja wlasna domena!

W zwiazku z powyzszym nie bede juz zamieszczac postow na Blogspocie czyli tutaj, ale zostawiam te strone otwarta dla wszystkich tych, ktorzy od czasu do czasu poczuja nostalgie za moja przeszla tworczoscia :)

Odwiedz mnie na:

Nie moge niestety obiecac tlumaczenia tekstow na jezyk polski, na razie niestety bedziemy musieli zdac sie na tlumacza Google ktory znajduje sie na nowej stronie..

Pozdrowienia ze slonecznego Madagaskaru!


Back to my blog! First week after quitting my job and why did I end up in Madagascar

After over two and a half months break from blogging I am eager to start writing again. I must admit, I have used my break from blogging rather productively - I drafted a short book of which the topic I will reveal to you when the right time comes. 

Apart from writing I have been preparing to quit my job and go on an adventure. I have been doing this job for almost three years and three and a half years in total for the company. The job was great for a while, it was all I needed; a bit of money, security and the time to develop my passions after work. But it was one of those jobs which will never change, and never allow you to grow. You could come and see me there a few weeks ago and then (if I have not resigned) come over again in fifty years time and I would be still there. I would be doing the same things, say the same words (though I would definitely not look the same though!).

Don't get me wrong, as I said I was very happy doing it for the first two years or so, then at some point (not sure even when) I got stuck. I didn't want to look for a different role but I didn't feel like I was performing as well and enjoying it as much as I did before. 

Getting stuck in any area of your life is dangerous. It feels OK at the beginning but soon it make you immune to realising that there are other options available to you. It's like a disease that starts with a little discomfort which isn't enough bother you so you do nothing about it. Then you learn to live with it, and the discomfort only speaks up from time to time. Not too often, so you can repress it when it comes up.

Having that in mind I knew I had to make a decision. Moving to another job for a grand move, and maybe taking more responsibility (which in career-speak is wisely called "a challenge") wasn't an option I wanted to consider. I realised that if I do not "remove" myself from this situation nothing will change. Sometimes life kindly gives us a "shake" and we have no choice but change our circumstances. However, most of the times we have to make such a decision for ourselves. It is a luxury which we do not appreciate enough. 

I decided to leave my work and go somewhere unknown to explore, learn and live my life for me for a while. The destination came to my mind without a second thought. 


How come? Because I have a list of dream places I always wanted to visit and Madagascar was next on the list. I tend to choose (as my mum with her local understanding says) "strange countries" because they are unpopular, not discovered yet by the masses, and not so easy to hang around on your own. I choose these countries because I am not a follower. The only thing I commit to follow is the voice of my heart. I know, it sounds cheesy but, well, sometimes the truth is cheesy and that's why we don't want to trust it. 

In fact these "strange countries" often turn out to be great places, not so difficult to hang around once you're there. Not to mention, I can also spread the word about them without relying on the media. Not that I have something against the media as such. However, as we know the media talk about what sells and is convenient for them. What is convenient for me in writing about Burma, Madagascar or Colombia? 


Yes, so I decided to hit Madagascar. I created an opportunity for me to visit this place and stay here for a while - enough to learn French on an intermediate level and do some good work for its people. The majority of them have no money to travel even to the village next door and it's great that I can afford to come and visit them instead.

I promise to do my best to be a respectful guest.


A break in blogging I guess? / Przerwa w blogowaniu chyba?

My father (on the left) playing chess

Nope. I haven't got lazy. I stopped writing on regular basis, because I directed all my energy is in other projects on which I am currently working, and which give me a lots of joy and excitement. Please allow me to be mysterious about it for a while. I don't like revealing things before they're unfinished. Not, because I am paranoid, that they will not work out. Rather because I value my that I walk my talk.  

Not the words one says value him, but his actions.
(we all know this!)

Despite that, let's be honest, I don't recently rock'n'roll with my writing. I bore myself when I read what I created, so why would I like to bore you?

Of course that should change at some point. In the meantime I am taking a break in blogging. A break which I entitle myself to interrupt at anytime I fell like posting something. Even if that's going to be tomorrow.

Have a great weekend! (play chess :P)


Nie. Ja wcale się nie lenię. Przestałam pisać regularnie, ponieważ moja energia jest całkowicie ukierukowana teraz na pewien projekt, nad którym aktualnie pracuje i który sprawia mi dużo radości. Pozwólcie mi więc pozostać tajemniczą na jeszcze jakiś czas. Nie lubię ujawniać rzeczy, których jeszcze nie skończyłam. Nie dlatego, iż popadnę w paranoję, że coś mi nie wyjdzie. Raczej dlatego, że lubię robić to o czym mówię. Czyli od słów do czynów.

Nie to co człowiek mówi ale co robi czyni go wartościowym
(wszyscy to wiemy!)

Poza tym bądźmy szczerzy. Ostatnio jakoś nie szturmuję tym co piszę. Nudzę sama siebie, kiedy czytam, co tworzę, dlaczego miałabym nudzić was?

Oczywiście to w pewnym momencie się zmieni. W międzyczasie robię sobie przerwę w blogowaniu. Przerwę, która uprawnia mnie do jej "przerwania" kiedykolwiek będę miała ochotę na zamieszczenie posta. Nawet jeśli będzie to jutro.

Miłego weekendu! (zagrajcie sobie w szachy :P)


How to find a perfect flatmate?

Brighton is one of these cities where most people have to share their accommodation in order to afford to live. Of course I am sharing too so I am pleased to say that for a long time now I have been sharing with very nice and considerate people and, touch wood, things are going well.

Those of you who also share accommodation will empathise that this isn't always easy to achieve, as living under one roof with complete strangers can be very stressful and challenging. Ha! Living with a friend could be even worse. After all, we are different people, raised differently and most of the time we come from different cultures. Good luck to anyone trying to make it work naturally!

I bring this topic up for a reason. One of our flatmates is leaving, and we were just hunting for a new flatmate. As we didn't have any recommendations we put an advert on Gumtree and we received approximately ten emails straight away, then another ten a day for the next four days. How should we find the "right person"??

Firstly we knew we wanted a female, and that made it easier to filter who we wanted to see. Then all we could do was trust our gut instincts when reading messages and invite the people who somehow (rightly or not) caught our attention.
Of course there are no tips on how to trust your gut feelings, everybody has to develop the ability to do that themselves.
And "right people" do not exist. Just right situations and moments. Therefore we were not asking for things in common and we were not expecting an intergalactic connection with our new room buddy.

We were looking for a person to share the flat with, not a friend, and if a friendship will come out of it - awesome.
We don't care what kind of music our potential flatmate listens to and where they socialise. I think the only thing that really matters is that they should share our values. If you share values you will always find a way to overcome issues and learn from one other. Maybe a new style of music, maybe a new way of being...

For us our values were: work, honesty, consideration for each other and a need for having a place called home, rather than just some accommodation. We think that we found a "right person". But time will really show if we're right.


The 4 hour workweek... - a must read if you dream about resiging from your job live how you want it


My last post was quite practical, but rather plane. I have a few topics on my mind which I'd like to write about, but my view on how to present them to you isn't there yet. In other words they're not ready, so we have to steady on. In the meantime, I will come back to the book of which cover you may have seen on the photo above my last post. To be precise, it was an Audio Book cover but to make it even more vague at the same time the title was in Polish, so you may still wonder what the hell I am talking about.

"The 4 hour work week, escape 9 - 5, live anywhere and join the new rich" is a book of which I have not heard at all until a couple of months ago when I visited a chain polish bookstore and after finding out, that the book I wanted to buy wasn't available this one has literally threw itself into my face from the bookshelf (if that makes sense:)

I was moaning a bit about the price of it but eventually seeing, that it also includes the audio version I decided to give it a go. The book sounded like me. And I like me :)

In fact just simply listening to the audio I "read the book" in just over a week. In between cooking and doing my make up I finshed it feeeling energised and inspired. 

To make the long story short. The author of "The 4 hour workweek..." gives you several tips and hints on time management, work efficiency, planning your own business which can bring you a regular income and how to travel smartly and economically. Often, when you are actually supposed to work!

Timothy Ferris - the author is an incredibly intelligent (and hot by judging from the cover!) guy who is making the best out of his life every day and everywhere.

After finishing lecture of this book you may want to resign from your job or if not, you will definitely feel as you made a step towards freedom in your life whatever it means to you. I promise. I am feeling free already. The details will be revealed when the time comes ;)



Audio Books - when you have no time, but you don't want to give up on reading

It's been a while since I recommended a book here but this doesn't mean that I am not reading at all. Despite my busy lifestyle I have actually managed to read four rather large positions in the last 1,5 months. I am not saying this to brag as there may not be much to brag of comparing to advanced readers. I mention this, because I want to share my secret of how I managed to read quite a lot in between working full time, exercising, cooking, writing and socialising.

My answer to how to find the time to read is "reading" audio books. They work perfect when you have no time to seat down and read. And as many of you may agree, reading a book it's not just about the time. Sometimes it's very difficult to concentrate on what we are reading. With an audio book this isn't an issue because they are easy to "absorb" and you can always listen to the chosen parts again or repeat the whole chapters.

You can listen to them when you drive to work and you can record them on your Ipod so that you can indulge yourself in their lecture when you go for a run, a walk or weekly shopping.
I listen to the audio books when getting ready for work in the mornings, cooking in the evenings or cleaning my room and this makes the best out of little time I have left outside of my working activities.

Above on the photo the last two audio books I "master" over and over - "4 hour workweek, escape 9 to 5" by Timothy Ferris and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I will try to expand on the first one in a separate post soon. However both of them are a must if you know that there is much more into life than working 9-5 for someone else in a place where the last thing you can expect is your professional and personal growth. If you feel that way, go and get "4 hour workweek" as soon as the sun rises :)


Practical dreamers don't quit

When you think about making your dreams come true you may already know that some of them require hard work and often take years to process. Assuming you are on this earth for a reasonable amount of time already you may have even managed to make some of your dreams come true, maybe for some of them you didn't have to work at all. 

But where am I going with this?

One thing I have realized very recently is that in order for us to achieve some of our dreams you don't only have to work but you have to practice to desire them. Do I make sense?

You have to practice to want something. Watch your dream happening in your mind, look out for it in the real world, in other people's lives, play over and over the thoughts of your desires and most importantly put yourself in the situations when you can try doing things you dream of. And then keep going.

Practical dreamers don't quit. 

You don't know what you're capable of until you try it.


How to stick to your daily life commitments?

I guess at any point in our lives there are things, we want to commit to do. Implement new habits into our daily routine, adapt new ideas or start a new activity. We say to ourselves we will do it, we may even write them down in an imperative tone and promise to stick to them, but when the reality faces us we just have at least a few valid (and very logical) reasons for not doing so. Sounds familiar?

It does to me. And my experience with those sort of situations goes as follows:

*It's evening of a weekday and I am sitting on my bed with the laptop. I opened Blogger to write a post, which I was creating in my mind during the day or perhaps even over the last few days or weeks. So I open the blogging application, start writing a few words and bum... getting distracted by breaking news of someone posting their new exciting photos on Facebook... or even more vainly, I see that somone just liked one of my photos. Incredible. I spend 20 to 30 minutes digesting this delight and scrolling up and down on the Facebook screen. By the time I really should finish my text I am tired. I tell myself off and I write. Angry because it's late, but technically I have the whole night to be creative and maybe caching up on sleep later.

*It's Monday morning and I committed to regular morning workout to top up my gym classes. I wake up at 6:15 and see my cat sleeping. It's such a sweet view that I try to get over it for the next 5 minutes and I eventually - in emotional pain get up. By the time I wash my face and open my laptop to find the workout I am OK. When I finish I am sorted and grateful to myself that I had the balls to wake up so early in my world.

What is different in both situations? It is that the willingness to take action is there, and both things are beneficial to my development. They are actually things I seem to like doing. Definitely the time limit can be a very strong motivator. I know I have only an hour in the morning and once I have chosen to wake up earlier than usual I better do something good with it. However, the exercise is already designed, I don't have to be creative to do it. It's a routine whereas writing is the opposite. You can't just be inspired 24/7. You need sometimes to take longer to let the words flow. Sometimes, like in any intellectual work you have to even force them.

Whatever our commitment is - an exercise, a study, a new activity the hardest part is to start. So try to choose your commitment carefully cause it's for you, it's about you and it's you who will be doing it. Start it and literally get yourself to love it. I am not saying enjoy it, I am suggesting you to love it. Once you get yourself to that space it will be easier to stick to it and carry on. And if you manage to stick to it, your next commitment will be easier to achieve. And it will make you feel good about yourself which will contribute to your confidence. And that's the main ingredient you need to create those more challenging commitments on your everyday life journey.


Summer changes on the Menu for Margarita Felis / Letnie zmiany w menu na blogu Margarita Felis

Surely you must have noticed that recently I've been posting less, and only in English when I do. I am not going to kid you that this is due to me being busy, because it's simply not true. Maybe I am a bit busier than normal because I am investing more of my time into my fitness - exercising more regularly and eating more healthily than usual - but not to such an extent that I couldn't have the time for writing at all.

The main reason for my rather less frequent presence here, asides from the fact I managed to break my new camera, is even more simple. My blog isn't developing, and I am getting stuck. I am therefore preparing some changes and thinking of some new ways forward. I will begun from a new web site, which is currently under construction and to which hopefully soon I will have the pleasure to re-direct you. Certainly the layout isn't everything, but I believe it will help to drag me out of this unfavorable state.
What is going to be happening with my writing then? We shall see. I can't promise that I will be writing more, nor that I will be writing less. Currently I am also working on my other craft, details of which I don't want to reveal yet, but undoubtedly the time I've been devoting to blogging until now will have to be invested in this venture. With regards to the Polish version of my texts I can commit to translate only those that are most important, or most valuable to the Polish reader for whatever reason.

Okay. I am not going to bore you for a minute longer. I have a productive weekend ahead and I wish the same for you!


Z pewnością zauważyliście, że tekstów na blogu pojawia się ostatnio coraz mniej, w dodatku często tylko w wersji angielskiej. Nie będę blefować, że to dlatego że jestem zajęta, bo to nie prawda. Może jestem zajęta trochę bardziej niż zwykle, poniważ zainwestowałam więcej czasu w moja formę, czyli zdrowe odżywianie i częściejsze ćwiczenia, ale nie na tyle, by nie mieć w ogóle czasu na pisanie bloga.

Główny powód mojej znikomej obecności na blogu (po za faktem, że popsułam nową lustrzankę co niestety przyczynia się też do mniejszej ilości postów) jest jeszcze bardziej prosty. Blog się nie rozwija, a ja mam zastój. W związku z tym szykuję zmiany, obmyślam nowe strategie. Zacznę od nowej strony, nad którą praca już w toku, i na którą mam nadzieję już niedługo będę miała przyjemność was przekierować. Oczywiście wygląd to nie wszystko, ale wierzę, że jego zmiana przynajmniej pomoże mi w wyjściu z tego niekorzystengo stanu.

Ale jak więc będzie z tym pisaniem? Zobaczymy. Nie obiecuję że będę pisać ani mniej ani więcej. Obecnie pracuję nad innym rękodziełem, którego szczegółów jeszcze ujawniać nie chcę, niewątpliwie czas dotychczas poświęcany na bloga zostanie zainwestowany właśnie w to przedsięwzięcie. Natomiast teksty po polsku będę tłumaczyć doraźnie. Postawię na tłumaczenie albo tych najważniejszych, albo tych które z jakichś powodów miałyby większe znaczenie dla polskiego czytelnika.

No już dłużej nie nudzę. Mam produktywny przed sobą weekend i wam również takiego życzę :)


What do you mean by Eastern Europe?

As you start reading this post, I'd like to ask you to look at the map of Europe. Just google it. So what makes up the territory of Europe and where in the east is it supposed to end?
I am going to be good and whisper the answers. The eastern border of Europe ends by the Ural Mountains which run approximately from north to south through western Russia, from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the Ural River and northwestern Kazakhstan.

Now, when you're talking about Eastern Europe, what exactly do you mean? Because I mean Russia, parts of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia...
Look at the map again. So where are the Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldovia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria?

The answer is - they're in Central Europe.

What is this geographical drama for? Because I have had enough of the term "Eastern Europe" when talking about the countries mentioned above. "Eastern European countries", "Women from Eastern Europe", "Eastern European food". Wrong.

Well, there is nothing wrong with being from an Eastern European country, but this is actually geographically correct. "Eastern Europe" is a rather political term dictated by the history of communism in this part of the continent, but these times went away 25 years ago. This isn't relevant anymore and the term Eastern Europe shouldn't be in use, as it's simply incorrect. Furthermore it does not take into considerations the countries which are really in Eastern Europe and deserve at least to be known for where they are.

Have you ever heard that Greece is an Eastern European country for example? Because if we are of the view that Eastern Europe goes from Baltic States towards Bulgaria, speaking correctly Greece would come under Eastern Europe wouldn't it? Not to mention Finland up on the East bordering with Russia.

The Iron Curtain was raised years ago, the only one left is the one in our mind.


What's my dream job and where it is? / Czym jest praca moich marzeń i gdzie ona jest?

Last Friday I have attended a free webinar titled: "Get your dream job"and as short as the webinar was, it made me realise something very obvious to many people, but not so obvious to me. 
When I used to look for work, like most of us, I would look for what's available in industries in which I am experienced, or qualified. This seemed to be a logic approach to me. However, sometimes logic isn't enough, especially when it comes up to hunt of a dream job. 

What we were asked to do at the webinar, is to close eyes and recall a situation in our lives when we have done something that made us feel great. Something when we felt inspired and energised. The moment when we said to ourselves: "Blimey this is what I could do for the rest of my life!" Then we were asked to to the same two times, recalling two different situations.

Funnily enough to me, none of the events recalled was even part of the jobs I did in my life for money. An interesting and provokative discovery to me.
Maybe, when looking for a dream job it's a good way to start by searching in places where we can offer, what we love doing? Our natural determination in doing things we love can maybe not do it all for us, but will definitely help moving forward. And if the dream job seems to be nowhere perhaps it's the time to create it?

Close your eyes and imagine a situation... 


W zeszły piątek wzięłam udział w darmowym webinarze pt. "Zdobądź pracę marzeń" i choć webinar długie nie było, to pomogło mi zauważyć coś, co może dla wielu z nas jest oczywiste, ale dla mnie oczywiste nie było.
Zazwyczaj kiedy szukałam pracy, jak wielu z nas szukałam ofert w sektorach, w których jestem już doświadczona, lub mam do nich kwalifikacje. Wydaje się to być logiczną czynnością. Czasami jednak logika nie wystarczy. Zwłaszcza, kiedy szukamy pracy marzeń.  

Poproszono nas bowiem, aby zamknąć oczy i przypomnieć sobie sytuację z naszego życia, kiedy to robiliśmy coś, co sprawiało, że czujemy się świetnie, zainspirowani i naenergetyzowani. Moment, kiedy to pomyśleliśmy: "Kurczę, mogłaby to robić przez resztę mojego życia!" Potem poproszona nas, aby zrobić to jeszcze dwa razy, przywołując inne sytuacje.

Dość dla mnie zabawnie, żadna z moich przywołanych sytuacji  nie była nawet częścią pracy, za które mi płacono. Interesujące i zarazem prowokujące dla mnie odkrycie.
Może zatem poszukując pracy marzeń dobrze byłoby zacząć od miejsc, gdzie możemy zaoferować to, co kochamy robić? Nasza naturalna wtedy determinacja w robieniu rzeczy, które kochamy może nie załatwi za nas wszystkiego, ale z pewnością pomoże posunąć się na przód. A jeśli praca marzeń wydaje się nie istnieć, może czas, aby ją sobie stworzyć?

Zamknij więc oczy i wyobraź sobie sytuację...


Parisians rude? Not to me...

Back home from Paris. I personally never have enough of this loved-hated city, however I appreciate that some people feel different about it, especially, when it comes up to people from Paris... The stories of stuck up Parisians and extremely rude waiters in Parisian restaurants are so popular that almost cliche.

It was my third visit to Paris so far and I must say that I can't remember one single person being rude or even unfriendly to me. Maybe I am just gifted with a Parisian spark, so the people treat me exceptionally well, or maybe I am just clever. And what I mean by my cleverness is that I simply chose to speak French straight away without expecting anyone to understand English. Never mind, I don't really speak French, or let's be clear my French is very basic, just enough to get around. I know that the French adore their language and part of this love is that they tolerate the grammar errors when a foreigner speaks. I just get on with it. It's a beautiful language after all, so why not?

I could list here right now at least three famous world cities of which you would less expect its people to be rude, and yes, they're even if you speak their official language. This could be the topic for a different post, so I won't do it, either my point is to compare Paris to those cities. What I am trying to say is that a few things worked out for me in Paris and these are: (in order)

- a smile
- speaking broken French (in a funny or cute way - this is for you too choose)
- wearing the stuff you would wear back home on your "good days", so no scruffy, "comfortable" tourist outfits
(there is always a way to wear comfortable clothes and look good, but again, this could be a topic for a spare post, so let's just agree on using your imagination)

Actually, if you think of it, these few things should work out well pretty much everywhere, assuming we are dealing with a reasonably well behaved society. And regardless my tips and hints the most important is that you get what you give. EVERYWHERE.


Write down (To-Do List)

Years ago I used to start a day with writing a list of tasks to do. I happily used to complete them too. Then, for some reason or another, I forgot about doing it, and used to write those lists only sporadically, on important days in my life.

However, I recently began this practice again. A written word seem to have more impact on me and it gives me motivation. I don’t know about you, but once I write something down I just get it done.

The same applies to making plans for a longer amount of time. For example, you decided to make a change in your life. You can write a list of the main steps you will take, to implement your plan. Then, depending on your situation and the clarity of what you’re supposed to do, you can break this plan down into smaller steps. Just to be precise, I don’t want to bore you with analytical approach to making your life changes. What I am trying to say is, that a written plan even on a random piece of paper is in my experience a great motivator. And here, again I somehow commit to doing what I wrote down.

It’s almost like with writing a shopping list. You just get on with it. If committing to what you wrote down is a difficult task for you, imagine that you are just writing a shopping list. Then take it with you and go out. And the best part of it is that you are not spending any money when using it, unless the shopping is actually on your To-Do list ;)


I feel as I want to stop writing this blog / Czuję jakbym chciała przestać pisać bloga

Ever since I started writing this blog I have had a few days when I wasn't in love with it, I didn't feel inspired to write or I simply couldn't rouse myself to put pen to paper. These days of course happen to anyone who has to create something on a regular basis. I've managed to deal with them, no problem. I knew they're part of this challenge. 

However, today is the day when I truly feel like saying: "That's it". I must say that this is the first time I am experiencing such a strong feeling with regards to my creation. I've struggled to sit down and finally write a post. No topic was interesting enough in my view to write about, no words wise or funny enough, everything is just a nonsense today and I think that most people think that what I write is stupid anyway.

Well, as much as I'd like to take it easy and not to write for a while, pretending that nothing happened or that I am busy, I made a conscious decision to sit down and write. It's not fair to leave things unfinished, unless they truly don't make any sense to do or do not add any value, which isn't (let's be honest) the case for my blog. It's not worth anything ending up being propelled along by negative emotion isn't?
I made myself a deal to continue doing something, especially when I wish to stop. And if it's wiser to stop, then do it with a show of gratitude for how much I have done so far. I guess this statement could apply not only to blogging;)


Od kąd zaczełam pisać bloga miałam już parę takich dni, kiedy to nie byłam (powiedzmy delikatnie) w nim zakochana. Albo nie czułam się zainspirowana, albo po prostu nie byłam zbytnio zainteresowna pisaniem. Oczywiście takie dni zdarzają się każdemu, kto tworzy coś regularnie. Ja się z nimi rozprawiłam bez większego problemu. Wiedziałam, iż są one częścią tego wyzwania. 

Nie mniej jednak dzisiaj jest "ten"dzień, w którym naprawdę chcę powiedzieć: "To tyle". I muszę dodać, że jest to pierwszy raz, kiedy odczuwam tego typu i tak silne uczucie. Męczyłam się, zanim w końcu usiadłam do pisania. Żaden temat nie był w moim przekonaniu wystarczająco ciekawy aby o nim pisać, żadne słowa mądre czy zabawne, cały ten blog to jakiś nonsens, a po za tym większość ludzi i tak myśli, że to co piszę jest głupie.

No tak. Choć bardzo bym chciała włożyć sobie na luz i przez jakiś czas nie pisać udając, że nic się nie stało czy że jestem zajęta, postanowiłam podjąć świadomą decyzję o tym, aby usiąść i jednak zacząć pisać. To nie fair zostawiać rzeczy niedokończone, chyba że rzeczywiście nie mają one sensu lub nie wnoszą nic pozytywnego do życia, a przecież powiedzmy sobie szczerze to nie dotyczy mojego bloga. Nie warto kończyć czegoś pod wpływem chwilowej negatywnej emocji prawda?

Zawarłam więc umowę z samą sobą, aby kontynuować coś szczególnie wtedy, kiedy chcę przestać. A jeśli mądrzej będzie przestać to zrobię to z gestem i wdzięcznością. Chyba nie tylko możnaby to odnieść do bloga ;)


What do you spend your energy, money, time and space on? / Na co przeznaczasz swoją energię, pieniądze, czas i przestrzeń?

There is a lots of power in this question. Because if you answer it to yourself, you'll find out what are your values. This is another thing, which "enlightened" me during last weekend's seminar. I always thought, that my values are very similar to the "typical" ones: family, home, friends etc. Perhaps it even was that way, the values of course are changing, but what doesn't change is the following thing:

What you spend without thinking the most of your energy, money, time or space for, are your values.
Interesting isn't?

Another characteristic thing, which can suggest you what are your values is:

What you are keen on learning the most, what you are willing to know more about, or what most happily you study.

And not necessarily in an academic way. Rather on a personal level, regardless whether they're fashion magazines, manuals of the electronics or tourist guides. What you crave the most to learn more about is a symbol of your values. It's worth to know your values, because in that way you know what to hold on to, what to develop or what (at least in this moment) defines you.



W tym pytaniu zawarta jest moc. A to dlatego, że jeśli sobie na nie szczerze odpowiesz, dowiesz się jakimi wartościami naprawdę w życiu się kierujesz. To również jedno z zagadnień, które "oświeciło" mnie podczas zeszłego weekendu. Zawsze myślałam, że moje wartości są bardzo podobne do tych typowo wymienianych: rodzina, dom, przyjaciele itp. Oczywiście może i tak kiedyś było, wartości bowiem cały czas się zmieniają. To, co jednak zawsze je spaja to  rzecz następująca:

To, na co bez zastanowienia oddajesz najwięcej swojej energii, pieniędzy, czasu czy też życiowej przestrzeni jest twoją wartością. 
Ciekawe co?

Jeszcze jedną charakteryzującą cechą która podpowie ci co może być twoja wartością:

To, o czym najchętniej się uczysz, o czym chcesz wiedzieć więcej lub co najchętniej studiujesz.

Niekoniecznie w sensie akademickim. Raczej w tym osobistym, bez względu na to, czy są to czasopisma modowe, obsługa urządzeń elektronicznych czy przewodniki po świecie. To co, po co najchętniej sięgasz, aby zagłębić twoją wiedzę jest symbolem twoich wartości. A warto je znać, bo wtedy się wie czego się trzymać, lub co rozwijać, oraz co nas (przynajmniej na ten czas) określa.


Do you know the remedy for judgments? / Czy znasz środek na osądzanie?

Judgments. One of my lifelong wishes is to get rid of them forever. Prejudging, jumping to conclusions, stereotyping, having opinions without the data to back on… This is what most of us do to others and we all know this, but what I’d like to point out here is that we often do this to ourselves too.

However, in the times when we feel great about ourselves, our actions or thoughts we don’t even spend a minute on talking about others in a negative way. And other way around; the more we feel not so great or actually crap about us (consciously or not) the more we project it on others by using judgments as cover up to our imperfections.

One of the things I learnt on last weekend’s seminar is that we judge ourselves, we feel guilty about it so then to make ourselves feel better we judge others.

And again and again, it’s like a carousel taking on and dropping judgements on random rounds.

So what’s the remedy for judgment?

I guess feeling truly good about yourself, but I mean truly, deeply connected to yourself and secure is a great start.

Hard to achieve?



Osądy. Jednym z moich życiowych marzeń jest pozbycie się ich na zawsze. Uprzedzanie się, wyciąganie pochopnych wniosków, głoszenie stereotypów lub poglądów, na których poparcie nie dysponujemy faktami... Jest to co większość z nas robi i wszyscy o tym wiemy. Ja chciałabym tutaj zaznaczyć, że często robimy owe rzeczy również samym sobie.

Nie mniej jednak w momentach, kiedy czujemy się świenie z naszymi myślami i czynami, ogólnie z samymi sobą, nie spędzamy nawet minuty na mówienie o innych w negatywach. I na odwrót; im bardziej czujemy się ze sobą źle (świadomie lub nie) tym bardziej projektujemy to samopoczucie na innych często używając osądów, aby przykryć nimi nasze niedoskonałości.

Jedną z rzeczy, których nauczyłam się podczas seminarium w zeszły weekend jest to, że osądzamy siebie, po czym czujemy się z tego powodu winni i aby polepszyć sobie samopoczucie osądzamy innych.
I tak w kółko. Jak na karuzeli, która bierze i zrzuca z siebie osądy podczas przypadkowych obrotów.

Co jest więc złotym środkiem na osądzanie?

Chyba prawdziwe uczucie komfortu z samym sobą, ale mam na myśli takie naprawdę - bezpieczne i głęboko połączone z wewnętrzym ja to dobry początek.

Czy to trudne do osiągnięcia?



Power to Succeed - what have I been up to over the weekend / Power to Succeed - czyli co robiłam w weekend

Google Images
At the start of this post I’d like to apologise you for my rather long gap in posting, although believe me it was all for a good purpose. So what have I been up to over the weekend when I wasn't writing? I was away in London attending a very cool seminar on self-development called “Power to Succeed” lead by a guy called Elliot under a professional (and also cool) name - The Coach in The Hat.

Before I summarise my experience, I'd like to mention, that I love attending these type of events and I have been to quite a few already, including a famous Paul McKenna's NLP training programme, which unlike this event, I had to pay for.

The Power to Succeed is a promotional free seminar, but what’s different about it from other free events is that Elliot is giving a lot in it. And I truly mean a lot. The seminar is packed with knowledge about personal growth, information, tools and more than anything, The Coach in the Hat offers his amazing approach to coaching people.

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I turned up on the first day, as I only had a very rough idea of who The Coach in the Hat was, as I had never heard of him before. 

So when I eventually saw him, listened to him and watched him on the stage I was mesmerised by his integrity and charm.

This post is meant to be short and to perhaps wet your appetite to attend a weekend free seminar run by The Coach in The Hat. I will therefore share with you only a few key areas for me which we explored among many others. The first was judgment, specifically, how we judge ourselves and others. The second was our perception of success and the third was how we recognise and understand our values. Those three were quite a revelation for me.  But perhaps I should keep you curious until my next post where, I reveal a bit more. 

Until then, take a look at this talented man here and open up for the inspiration!


Na początku tego posta chciałabym was kochani przeprosić za raczej dłuższą przerwę w pisaniu, choć wierzcie mi, wzięła się ona z bardzo pozytywnego powodu. Co więc robiłam w dopiero co miniony weekend kiedy nie pisałam? Otóż byłam w Londynie na bardzo fajnym workshopie z zakresu samodoskonalenia pt. "Power to Succeed" (z ang. mniej więcej brzmi to jak: Moc aby odnieść sukces) prowadzonego przez pana o imieniu Elliot pod równie fajnym profesjonalnym imieniem (tłum. dosłowne) "Coach w Kapeluszu". 

Zanim jednak podsumuję moje weekendowe doświadczenie chciałabym zaznaczyć, iż uwielbiam uczęszczać na tego typu wydarzenia, byłam już zresztą na kilku włączając słynne NLP Paul'a McKenna, za które trzeba było (ujmijmy to delikatnie) dość dużo zapłacić.

The Power to Succeed to promocyjne darmowe seminarium, ale to co od innych darmowych warsztatów je odróżnia to to, że Elliot daje w nim bardzo dużo. I podkreślam tutaj, że naprawdę dużo. Warsztat jest zapełniony wiedzą o samodoskonaleniu, informacją, narzędziami, ale co najważniejsze "Coach w Kapeluszu" obdarowuje nas swoim niesamowitym podejściem do coachowania ludzi. 

Szczerze, to nie wiedziałam czego oczekiwać, kiedy pojawiłam się na semnarium rano pierwszego dnia. Miałam tylko nikłe pojęcie,  o tym kim jest "Coach w Kapeluszu", ponieważ nigdy przedtem o nim nie słyszałam. 
Kiedy w końcu go zobaczyłam, posłuchałam i obejrzałam na scenie byłam oczarowana jego integralnością i urokiem osobistym.

Ten post ma być krótki i kto ,może wzbudzić w was pragnienie do wzięcia udziału w weekendowym darmowym warsztacie prowadzonym przez Elliota:) Podzielę się z wami więc tylko trzema kluczowymi dla mnie wątkami które na seminarium odkrywaliśmy z pomiędzy wielu innych: Pierwszy to osądzanie z naciskiem na to jak osądzamy siebie i innych, drugi to jak postrzegamy sukces a trzeci jak rozpoznajemy i rozumiemy nasze wartości. Te trzy rzeczy były dla mnie dość ciekawą rewelajcą. Ale może powinnam potrzymać was w niepewności do mojego następnego posta, w którym opowiem wam więcej. 

Na razie popatrzcie na tego utalentowanego mężczyznę tutaj i otwórzcie się na inspirację!


What to ask yourself when you don't know what you want? / O co się siebie zapytać kiedy nie wiesz czego chcesz?

What do you want in life? What do you want to do? What is your goal? What is it you aim for? All questions of this sort can either make us feel enthusiastic and excited or upset and sad. This of course depends on our personal situation.

Fair enough. These questions can be broadly interpreted and as a result make you feel bemused. So there is an option to rephrase them by being more specific and asking: “What do you want to do in your career?” , “What do you aim for in your personal life within the next 5 years?”, “What is your personal goal for this month?” and so on. These are obviously the examples, but I hope you know what I mean.

This is one way. And I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t try out other things to see if they work. How about, then, asking yourself: “What is it that excites you?” “What is it that makes you say 'Wow'!?” You can narrow these questions down to the point where you’ll find out. By doing so you are thinking clearly, and that should keep you focused on what you really want.

And what to do if you don’t even know what excites you? Die. Just kidding. Read my post from September last year here: “Blessed those who know what they want because they’ll get it”


Czego chcesz? Co chcesz w życiu robić? Jakie masz cele? Dokąd zmierzasz? Słysząc tego typu pytania możesz poczuć się entuzjastycznie podekscytowany jak i zdenerwowany bądź smutny. Wszystko zależy od naszej osobistej sytuacji i tego czy rzeczywiście wiesz czego chcesz.

Nic dziwnego. Te pytania mogą być pojmowane na szeroką skalę i w konsekwencji nas gubić. Mamy więc opcję je przeformuować i spytać bardziej specyficznie; na przykład: "Co chcesz robić w twoim życiu zawodowym?", "Co chciałbyś osiągnąć w swoim życiu osobistym w ciągu 5ciu lat?", "Jakie są twoje osobiste cele na ten miesiąc?" i tak dalej. Są to oczywiście przykłady, ale mam nadzieję że jasno się wyrażam.

To jeden sposób. Nie byłabym jednak sobą gdybym nie spróbowała zrobienia czegoś inaczej. A jak by więc tak zapytać siebie: "Co takiego cię ekscytuje?", "Co sprawia, że skaczesz do góry i krzyczysz Wow". Możesz "drylować" te pytania do momentu, w którym po prostu otrzymasz odpowiedź. Robiąc to myślisz prosto, na przód, a nie na boki. To powinno pozwolić ci się skupić na tym, czego naprawdę chcesz". 

A cuż takiego począć jeśli nawet nie wiesz co cię ekscytuje? Umrzeć. Tylko żartuję. Przeczytać mój wrześniowy post tutaj: "Błogosławieni, którzy wiedzą czego chcą, albowiem oni to dostaną" 


Show me your life and I'll tell you who you are / Pokaż mi swoje życie, a powiem ci kim jesteś

People generally like talking about themselves and their lives quite a lot. We normally trust, that what they’re saying is true – especially when we like them or we don’t know them very well and have no basis to believe that they would deceive us. We may like talking about ourselves and our lives too. Why not? 
However, nothing will tell us more about a person than the life she leads.

And as much as we can “modify” our life using colourful words when describing it, we can only modify the reality of it by our actions. These create our life on daily basis.

Taking a look at people’s life is a brilliant indicator to see what a person is about and having this information lets us to decide whether we want to follow, get inspired or simply be around this person. The same applies for us.

So not what we say, but what we do and how we do it is our greatest showcase. In good times and in bad times. Whether we like it or not.


Ludzie na ogół bardzo lubią mówić o swoim życiu. Prawie zawsze ufamy, iż to co mówią jest prawdą - szczególnie gdy ich lubimy, bądź ich dobrze nie znamy i nie mamy podstaw do tego, aby twierdzić iż nas okłamują. My też może lubimy mówić o nas i naszym życiu. Dlaczego nie?
Nie mniej jednak nic nie powie nam więcej o danej osobie niż to, jakie życie ona prowadzi.

I na tyle, na ile potrafimy "zmodifikować" nasze życie kolorowymi słowami podczas jego opisu, jego rzeczywistość możemy zmodifikować natomiast tylko poprzez nasze czyny. Bo to one kreują nasze życie dzień po dniu.

Przyglądanie się życiu danej osoby to świetny indykator, aby dostrzec kim dana osoba jest, a mając tę informację możemy zdecydować czy weźmiemy z niej przykład, zainspirujemy się nią czy po prostu chcemy z nią przebywać. To samo dotyczy nas samych.

Nie to co mówimy, lecz to co czynimy i jak to robimy jest naszą najlepszą wizytówką. W dobrych i złych momentach. Czy nam się to podoba czy nie. 


A sweet town called Lewes - Słodkie miasteczko zwane Lewes

Only 15 min by train from Brighton towards to the east there is a picturesque town called Lewes, which I love visiting over the weekends. In fact, yesterday I had a pleasure to be there again, and now I eventually decided to introduce you to this sweet town.
I'd like to show you the photos from two visits in Lewes. Of course the one I made yesterday, and another, which took a place some time ago. This is why the photos can illustrate different seasons in which they were taken. But isn't more interesting?

So this is Lewes:


Niespełna 15min pociągiem na wschód od Brighton znajduje się malownicze miasteczko zwane Lewes, które uwielbiam odwiedzać w weekendy. Właśnie wczoraj po raz kolejny zdarzyło mi się tam zwitać i po tej wizycie w końcu postanowiłam zaprezentować Wam tę słodką miejscowość. Zdecydowałam jednak pokazać wam zdięcia z dwóch wypraw. Oczywiście tej wczorajszej i pewnej już odległej, chyba nawet półtora roku temu. Dlatego zdięcia mogą sie troche różnić od siebie porą roku, w której zostały zrobione. Ale czyż to nie ciekawiej?

Oto Lewes:

Lewes Castle

View on the high street

A sweet name for a pub - Snowdrop (with a crocodile on its front;)

Baltica Cafe with Polish porcelain from Bolesławiec

In the bottom of the Lewes Castle
See you soon Lewes!


You are now entering the EU / Wchodzisz do Unii

Yesterday it was the tenth anniversary of Poland joining the European Community. I am not going to debate here about the political or economical aspects of this event, I would only like to share with you a memory from that day, exactly ten years ago.  

On May 2nd 2004, on the day when Poland joined the EU I was living in Colombia, and maybe due to the geographical distance from my country I wasn't too excited about it. I knew that a lot of young Poles were going to the UK, which along with Ireland and Sweden was kind enough to open its borders first. "I am not going to London, like all those other Polish people!", I thought to myself. I remember my mum wrote a very uplifting email to me, full of excitement, to share with me her joy that Poland had joined the EU. I read it without any feeling any deep emotion. "Whatever", I thought...

How funny life is! By January the following year I had landed in the UK. Not in London, to be fair, but in Glasgow, Scotland, and I can't imagine how my life would go without the possibility of being able to legally stay and work in Europe. Colombia didn't work out, anyway it maybe wasn't meant to, and Poland wasn't an attractive option for me to start a new life chapter at that time. And it wasn't really about earning money. What won was my willingness to explore the world, other cultures, and to learn foreign languages. Anyhow, does it matter? What's important is that being a Pole I can boldly live in Europe and gain priceless life experience and I am grateful for it. Once upon a time Poles had to "smuggle" themselves abroad to have this possibility. This is really worth remembering, not just on anniversary days.

Today I guess for the first time I asked myself a question; "Where would I be now, if Poland hadn't joined the EU?"


Wczoraj miała miejsce dziesiąta rocznica przystąpienia Polski do Unii Europejskiej. Nie będę rozważać z tego powodu politycznych czy gospodarczych aspektów tego wydażenia, chciałabym się tylko podzielić z wami wspomnieniem tego dnia w moim życiu, dokładnie dziesięć lat temu. 

1go maja 2004 roku w dniu przystąpienia Polski do Unii mieszkałam w Kolumbii i może ze względu na odległość jaka mnie w tamtym momencie od mojego kraju dzieliła, jakoś nie czułam z tego powodu wzmożonej radości. Mało tego. Wiedziałam, że wielu młodych Polaków ruszyło za zarobkiem do Wielkiej Brytanii, która wraz z Irlandią i Szwecją była bardzo dla nas łaskawa jako pierwsza otworzyć swe granice. Myślałam sobie więc: "Napewno nie pojadę do Londynu, jak ci wszycy Polacy!". Pamiętam, że moja mama wysłała mi wtedy bardzo uniosłego wypełnionego pozytywnymi przesłaniami maila wyrażając radość z powodu przystąpienia Polski do Unii. Przeczytałam go bez większych emocji. Pomyślałam: "Mało mnie to obchodzi"...

Jakże zabawne jest życie. Już w styczniu następnego roku wylądowałam w Wielkiej Brytanii. Co prawda nie Londynie, ale w Szkocji, dokładnie Glasgow i nie wyobrażam sobie jak by inaczej moje życie mogło się potoczyć bez możliwości pobytu oraz legalnej pracy w Europie. Kolumbia nie wypaliła, zresztą wypalić może nigdy nie miała, a Polska wtedy nie była dla mnie zachętą na rozpoczęcie nowego rozdziału w życiu. I wcale nie chodziło o zarabianie pieniędzy. U mnie zwyciężyła chęć poznawania świata, innych kultur i szlifowania bądkź uczenia się języków. Zresztą, czy to ważne... Ważne jest że jako Polka mogę sobie śmiało mieszkać w Europie i zdobywać to drogocenne życiowe doświadczenie za co jestem bardzo wdzięczna. Kiedyś Polacy musieli się "przemycać" aby mieć taką możliwość. Warto o tym pamiętać i to nie tylko w dniach rocznic.

Dzisiaj chyba po raz pierwszy zadałam sobie to pytanie; Gdzie byłabym teraz gdyby Polska nigdy nie weszła do Unii?


A simple advice for unwanted advices / Prosta rada na rady nie chciane

We all know them. The people who always have "advices" for us whether we ask for them or not. They're single or in a crappy relationship, but they know best what you should be doing with your love life, they're skint but they know where you should invest your money. They're far away from perfect, but they happily make you aware of your weaknesses and so on.

They say, they are doing it in a "good faith", and probably this is true. The only thing to note here is, that this is their faith. It's their interpretation of reality and they talk through their emotion, very often projecting on us what they feel. In some way, this could be seen as a generous act, as they may want to protect us form what did not work out for them. But everybody is different, think different things and have a different life path to walk. So love them anyway if you have to, but walk your talk.

Have you noticed, that fulfilled people or those who achieved success (especially the kind of success you aim for) don't give all these "advices" unless they're asked to do so? And even if they say what you should do, it has never an imperative tone? It's because they truly believe in themselves so they believe in you too. Simple.

Recently I heard a very cool sentence: "Never accept advice from people who are more screwed up than you are". Simple :)


Wszyscy ich znamy. Ludzie, którzy zawsze mają dla nas "rady" bez względu na to, czy ich o nie pytamy czy też nie. Są samotni, albo w związku nie do pozazdroszczenia, ale najlepiej wiedzą co powinieneś robić w twoim życiu miłosnym, są spłukani, ale wiedzą gdzie powinieneś inwestować twoje pieniądze. Są dalecy od doskonałości, ale chętnie uświadamiają ci twoje słabości i tak dalej. 

Mówią, że robią to "w dobrej wierze" i może jest to prawdą. Tylko że jedną rzeczą, którą warto tutaj wspomnieć, jest to, że to jest ich wiara. To ich interpretacja rzeczywistości, a oni mówią poprzez swoje emocje, często przenosząc na nas to, co sami odczuwają. W pewnym sensie może to być widziane jako szczodry akt z ich strony, ponieważ mogą chcieć nas chronić od tego, co im nie wyszło. Nie mniej jednak każdy jest inny, myśli inaczej i ma przed sobą inną życiową ścieżke do przebycia. Kochaj ich więc jeśli trzeba, ale idź swoją drogą.

Czy zauważyłeś, że ludzie spełnieni lub ci, którzy odnieśli sukces (szczególnie taki, o którym ty marzysz) nie dają tego typu "rad" chyba, że się ich o nie pyta? I nawet jeśli ci mówią co powinieneś robić nigdy nie przybierają tonu rozkazującego? To dlatego, iż oni naprawdę w siebie wierzą, a więc wierzą i w ciebie. Proste.

Ostatnio słyszałam taką fajną sentencję: "Nigdy nie przyjmuj rad, od tych, którzy są bardziej pomyleni od ciebie". Proste :)


Poland captured in a moment / Polska uchwycona w chwili

I am back in Brighton. Last few days of my trip were very intense and I didn't have the time to write, but hopefully I can express myself though the photos, which as we know can speak thousand words. On this note I'd like to share with you that I am feeling very grateful to see my country progressing and improving year after year. It becomes more modern and more pretty anytime I visit. It wasn't used to be the way most Polish people (including myself) saw their homeland for recent decades. Having said that, Poland has a specific contrast which isn't comparable to the very typical "rich - poor" contrast in developing countries. It's rather a contrast of having a few different historical times in one moment. Probably very characteristic for those central and eastern European countries which experienced communism if you know what I mean.

But let's capture these moments...


Jestem z powrotem w Brighton. Ostatnie parę dni mojej podróży były dość intensywne, z tego powodu nie miałam czasu pisać, ale mam nadzieję, iż mogę się również wyrazić poprzez zdięcia, które jak wiemy mogą mówić tysiącem słów.
Tutaj też chciałabym podzielić się z wami tym, że czuję się bardzo wdzięczna widząc jak mój kraj się rozwija. Rok po roku, mam wrażenie staje się coraz to bardziej nowoczesny i ładniejszy. Nie był to sposób w jaki patrzyła większość moich rodaków (ze mną włącznie) na Polskę w ostatnich dekadach. Stwierdzając to myślę, że Polska posiada taki specyficzny kontrast, który nie jest porównywalny do  "bogato - biednie" kontrastu tak typowego dla krajów rozwijających się. Jest to raczej kontrast paru różnych historycznych epok w jednym momencie. Prawdopodobnie bardzo charakterystyczny dla państw centralnej oraz wschodniej Europy, które doświadczyły komunizmu jeśli wiecie, co mam na myśli.

Ale, uchwyćmy te wspomniane w tytule chwile...

What type of contrasts can you see in your homeland?


Instagram?? Pfff... Look at my father's photos from the early 50's! / Instagram?? Pfff...Spójrz na zdięcia mojego ojca z początku lat 50tych!

Visiting home, where I grew up is always an interesting experience. Catching up with the books left to be read, trying on the clothes from teenage times (yes, I do still fit in them!) and browsing again through the family possessions such as the photos is exciting.
Especially the photos. I've just found a few of my father and thought straight away, that they're an awesome equivalent to today's numerous photos on Instagram. Even better than this... In the times when you had to think twice before pushing the camera button to take a photo instead of shooting them digital on unlimited quantity the photography was an experience. Every situation on a photo was holly.

Back to Instagram, I mean look at those! (the photos are scanned, hope you don't mind the quality;)


Wizyta w domu, w którym dorastałam jest zawsze interesującym doświadczeniem. Ponowne spotkania z książkami odłożonymi niegdyś do przeczytania oraz przymierzanie pozostałych ubrań z czasów szkoły średniej (tak, jeszcze w nie wchodzę!) i tudzież powtórne wertowanie rodzinnych "skarbów" takich jak fotografie jest bardzo ekscytujące.
Zwłaszcza one. Właśnie znalazłam kilka zdięć mojego ojca i od razu pomyślałam, iż są one fantastycznym odpowiednikiem licznych dzisiejszych fotek na Instagramie. Nawet lepszym... W czasach, kiedy trzeba było pomyśleć dwa razy zanim nacisnęło się guzik kamery aby pstryknąć zdięcie zamiast strzelać digital w nieograniczonej ilości fotografia była doświadczeniem. Natomiast każda sytuacja na zdięciu była święta.

Wracając do Instagramu, popatrzcie na to! (zdięcia są oczywiście zeskanowane, przymrużcie oko na jakość)

So this is him posing...

Being a gentleman...

Keeping the company (the second from the left in the Army hat)

Ready to hunt...(again in the army hat, first on the right)

Making sure the girls are happy...

In concentration...

With mates and the pipe in Brno (Czechoslovakia - early 70's)

A real boss...

The photos are very old, as my father was born in the early 30's, and as you can see much fun was had! (BTW I can see whom I got the party bug from!) Anyone still wonders why I went for a date with him in my post from October last year?? If you, do click here.


Zdięcia są dosyć stare, mój ojciec urodził się we wczesnych latach 30tych i jak widzicie chyba bardzo dobrze się bawił! (apropos zabawy, już teraz wiem, po kim odziedziczyłam mam zamiłowanie do imprez;).
Czy jeszcze ktoś się zastanawia dlaczego poszłam z nim na randkę w październiku zeszłego roku?? Jeśli tak, to kliknij tutaj.